Wilfried Haslauer
Governor of Salzburg
Wilfried Haslauer was born in Salzburg on 3rd of May 1956. From 1966 Wilfried Haslauer attended the Akademisches Gymnasium (Academic Grammar School) in Salzburg where he passed his final examinations (Matura) in 1974. After his military service he began his studies in Law and Economics at the universities in Salzburg and Vienna. He obtained a doctorate (Ph.D.) in Law in 1979. Having completed his articles in Vienna and Salzburg, Wilfried Haslauer started his career as a lawyer and from 1985 until 2004 he practised law together with four partners as an independent attorney-at-law in Salzburg. Wilfried Haslauer was the curator of a political and economic think tank known as the Seebrunner Kreis as well as president of the „Dr Wilfried Haslauer Library“, a research institute for studies on political history. In his first political function from April 2004 Wilfried Haslauer was elected Deputy Governor of Salzburg and re-elected in April 2009. In June 2013 Wilfried Haslauer was elected Governor/Minister-President of the federal state of Salzburg and re-elected in June 2018. His portfolios are: the economy, tourism, the labour market, the municipalities, internal services, security, general policy matters and European and international affairs. Wilfried Haslauer has four children and lives in Salzburg.