Salzburg Residenz

The Residenz zu Salzburg is a palace located in the old town between two famous squares, the Dom- and the Residenzplatz. The landmark of Salzburg was the official residence of the prince-archbishops, serving to demonstrate their prestige and power. Nowadays, together with the Neue Residenz, it is home to the flagship museum, the famous Domquartier. We are looking forward to celebrating the opening evening of the 5th Salzburg Summit in this episcopal residence.

Salzburg Congress

The Salzburg Congress is a modern, state-of-the-art conference center that provides an ideal setting for the panels and offers a comfortable and efficient environment for attendees to learn and exchange ideas The Salzburg Congress is conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Hotel Sacher

The iconic Hotel Sacher, located in the heart of Salzburg, serves as a fitting venue for the opening reception of the conference. With its rich history and elegant decor, the hotel provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests to meet and network before the start of the event. The luxurious setting sets the tone for a sophisticated and memorable conference experience. The opening reception offers guests a chance to soak up the ambiance and experience the finest in Austrian hospitality.