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Peter Moser

Vice-Rector for International Relations, Montanuniversität Leoben

Peter Moser is Vice Rector and Professor at the University of Leoben. He completed his mining studies with a specialization in tunnel construction in 1983, received his doctorate in 1989 and his habilitation in 1998. Professorships took him to Paris and St. Petersburg. Since 2008, he has held the Chair of Mining Science, Mining Engineering and Mining Economics as a university professor.  In 2011 he was appointed Vice-Rector at the University of Leoben, responsible for international activities and infrastructure. He has authored more than 130 scientific papers on drilling and blasting technology, planning of new underground mines, rock mechanics, mining process engineering and raw materials management.  In addition, he serves as an expert and consultant to international research funding agencies and the extractive industries both domestically and internationally. Through his extensive participation in expert platforms on behalf of the European Commission and membership in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, his scientific activities in recent years have focused on issues related to political and societal challenges for a sustainable raw materials supply in Europe and worldwide.