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Hubertus von Baumbach

President, EFPIA & CEO, Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim, an independent and family-owned company founded in 1885, develops, produces and distributes innovative medicines for humans and animals. Thus Boehringer Ingelheim has the freedom to pursue its long-term vision to identify the health challenges of the future. The mission is to create breakthrough therapies where the medical need is high. Hubertus von Baumbach has been Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Boehringer Ingelheim since July 2016. He has been a member of the Board of Managing Directors since 2009, initially responsible for the divisions Finance and Animal Health. In 2001 he joined Boehringer Ingelheim’s finance organization, and held among others the CFO position of the German operative Unit. He started his professional career as sales representative in the US affiliate of Roche AG in 1998. Mr. von Baumbach was trained as bank clerk at Merck, Finck & Co. in Munich, received his law degree from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, took the German Bar Exam, and received a MBA from Sloan School of Management at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.