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Fjolla Holzleithner

Founder & CEO of Brand Embassy & DAYHOLI

Fjolla is the founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, a promotions agency providing creative marketing solutions and supporting events with a pool of over 6,000 promoters. She launched her company shortly after graduating with an MA in marketing & sales from Campus 02 in Graz and has worked with lifestyle and luxury brands in Austria for the last 12 years.

Even though it was a difficult period for the events industry in the last few years, Fjolla has found a way to pivot her business. She used this time to create DAYHOLI, the first worldwide company with a sustainable solution to experience the world from your home without traveling physically.

DAYHOLI uses high technology to beam people virtually into experiencing events and places with all their senses – whether for travel, shopping, education, sports or cultural events.

DAYHOLI’S VR dome was part of the Austrian pavilion during Dubai’s Expo 2020, and the startup is now lining up projects in Metaverse.