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Alexander Valtingojer

CEO und Co-Founder, Coinpanion

Alexander Valtingojer is CEO of the crypto fintech Coinpanion. He was already intensively involved with cryptocurrencies during his school days, which led him to actively work on various projects in this scene.

The first project he developed was a Bitcoin PayPal marketplace. Later in his studies, he started actively trading cryptocurrencies and also worked on his own ICO, for which he spoke on the panel at the C³ Crypto Conference in Berlin. After that, Alexander founded a sole proprietorship for software services. For about four years, Alexander has been intensively involved with the financial markets and, due to his skills, was also a trader on the previous version of Coinpanion. Coinpanion has now grown into a company with 30+ employees and aims to help everyone get started in the crypto market with smart portfolios.